"Legend of the Tarot"

What happened, here, during the 1400 years between the glorious Etruscan Age and D.H. Lawrence visiting in 1927? Well, there is little to report except for the Boat of the Sun, coasting in from Egypt, in 810 AD. 

In 1979, artist, Niki de Saint Phalle picked up the signs, on the coast by Pescia Romana, and this inspired her eye-popping extravaganza “Il Giardino dei Tarocchi” (Tarot Garden) in nearby Garavicchio (Capalbio). Continue reading


Experience Authentic Farmland with a Sea Breeze

The beautiful estate situated near the southern borders of the Tuscan coast, in the great, open region of Maremma. It is composed of two beach front houses and a villa, three kilometers inland, which can accommodate up to 22 persons in 4 self-catering apartments. All houses are fully equipped, with dunes or gardens and a swimming pool to provide comfortable holidays to our guests.  You will find sun beds, deck chairs and umbrellas stored in a wooden cabin close to the beach. The two beach front houses have beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea and can accommodate up to 4 and 10 persons respectively. Both have direct access to the long sandy beach, which stretches many miles in either direction, and offer modern facilities for a memorable vacation to our guests.

the Villa

Contemplate the endless fields embracing the property and reach the splendid beach in just 5 min. drive. Composed of 4 independent units. Hosts up to 22 guests.


Live life to the full in this splendid beach house and create unforgettable memories with your nearest and dearest. Hosts up to 10 guests.

d piccola

Have a cheerful day out at the beach and be blessed by this restful and placid habitat. Hosts up to 4 guests.


Strada della Principessa 11-11/A Montalto di Castro


Local Experiences 

The Tarot Garden BY Niki de Saint-Phalle

Let your imagination fly in this amazing sculpture park that comprises 22 giant artworks representing tarot cards. Magical experience for children and adults. For more information about The Tarot Garden, please visit www.ilgiardinodeitarocchi.it

Lake Burano

Discover this stunning nature reserve run by WWF. Lake Burano is a paradise combining a fascinating landscape with an abundant flora and fauna that make it perfect for a day of bird watching and walking in unspoiled nature. If you want to know more, please click here

For more information on this property, you can also check http://www.ifontanili.it/