"The Legend of Lazarus, Faroaldo and the Anima Mundi"

One of the great, secret legends of Europe, is still alive in the hills of Umbria: an ancient, modern miracle of vision, devotion and trusty companionship, involving the "odd couple". 

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Lango Bards (long beards), a fierce tribe from North Germany, invade Italy and establish a mosaic of trucculent dukedoms, one of which, Spoletium, is eventually ruled by Faroaldo, a "modified" barbarian, who has recurrent dreams sent from Lazarus, the last surviving "pillar saint" from Syria, who lives in Mons Loucom (Monteluco) above Spoletium. But when Faroaldo goes to Mons Loucom, he is cast out fiercely by Lazarus. This leaves Faroaldo, riding about the countryside in a state of perplexity. "Why he calls me and then rejects me !"  One day, as he rides up by the knoll of Bel Poggiolo, contemplating Mons Loucom, an olive tree bursts into flames - "but without consuming itself"  - and an angel tells him to follow his dream; to tell Lazarus that the angel has sent him;  and to bring Lazarus to light the flame of the soul of the world - the Anima Mundi. This was in 721 AD; now, one thousand three hundred years later, the flame is still being guarded by the last in a line of fireminders - Teresa Nardini - who says: "These are the things that we say; these are the things that we do."

While the Anima Mundi still flickers, there is hope, said the angel to Faroaldo.  

Escape to the luminous sphere, with a panorama of Umbria below

This comfortable 18th century stone farmhouse with a private swimming pool sits on top of a hill, near a medieval fortress (belonging to the same owners), just some minutes away from the picturesque town of Spoleto (Umbria), and offers spectacular views of  the mountains and the whole Umbrian valley. The premises are surrounded by olive groves and fields , making it a perfect spot to be immersed in the beauty of Italian landscape, while relaxing under the veranda or in the garden of this charming house. 



Enjoy a home away from home in a beautiful natural setting with amazing sunsets and daybreaks across the hills. Accommodates up to 11 guests.




Fraz. Terraia, Spoleto , Umbria 06049, Italy


Local Experiences

walk the Faroaldo trail

from Spoleto over the mountains into the Black Valley (Valnerina) to the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle (see below) where the light of the soul of the world (Anima Mundi) is kept. The walk takes between 5-10 hours, depending on your point of departure. Guides are available upon request. 

Explore the hills and valley of umbria

Have an unforgettable adventure hiking the majestic Alpins. For more information about excursions and tours please visit www.caispolero.it

La Rocca Albornoz - Medieval fortress

Travel in time by walking or biking and admire stunning Umbria's landscape from the top of the Fortress. If you want to learn more about please click here

For more information on this property, you can also check www.belpoggiolo.com