"The discovery of the origin of Tarot, in Maremma"

Like Saint Phalle in 1978, we found fulgurites and fossilized bird footprints in the sand and we also saw replicants of Ibis and Hawk bird gods, feeding along the canals and roosting all the way to the Burano nature reserve.

The events explaining our discovery took place in the twilight years of Egyptian civilization, when the high priests met on the Nile to discuss how to save their wisdom for posterity. The result of such a meeting was the removal, from Egypt, of Ibis-Thot’s laminae (metal cards), which were engraved with the Arcana.

In 810 AD, the gods Ibis-Thot and Hawk-Ra, were seen leaving the Nile delta on the Boat of the Sun, sailing out of Alexandria in a north-westerly direction.

They say that the landing of this same Sun Boat on the coast of Maremma in the same year, is the only noteworthy event between the glorious Etruscan Age and D.H. Lawrence visiting in 1927.

But this smallest occurrence has made this area in Maremma (Pescia Romana (footprints and fulgurites), Burano (Ibis Hawk replicants) and Garavicchio (Il Giardino dei Tarocchi) the “golden triangle of the Tarot”, the most ancient symbolic system of the West.

The proprietors of I Fontanili will be organizing storytelling explorations of the Tarot, of this triangle - these three magical locations - in the near future.   

From the beach of I Fontanili, you can follow the signs of Thot’s Arcana - ten kilometers north to Burano and also to the Garavicchio Tarot Garden.

In 1979, artist, Niki de Saint Phalle picked up the signs, on the coast by Pescia Romana, and this inspired her eye-popping extravaganza “Il Giardino dei Tarocchi” (Tarot Garden) in nearby Garavicchio (Capalbio).