Here lies the oliphant, Abul-Abbuz, in the garden of Lemniscati Rome. He is in the midst of his second season of enchanted sleep, of 605 years. For Abul-Abbuz is no ordinary oliphant, having been conjured into existence by princess Sheherazade in one of her 1001 Nights. That’s the difference between Abul-Abbuz and all her other characters, Aladdin, Simdbad the sailor etc...

Abul-Abbuz’s awakening is expected sometime between the spring and autumn of 2017. We are getting ready to feed him bananas, lettuces, nuts and things.

Here is one example of how art, stories, and travel come together in Storygardenz places. We can't wait to share more about this tale, and will tell you more, as soon as Abul-Abbuz awakes. Meanwhile we will be publishing the book “The Garden of Lemniscati”, which contains the full Abul-Abbuz story: from his birth in 780 AD, in the court of Baghdad and then his travels to the court of Charlemagne in Aix-la- Chapelle, and then down to Rome. He was originally intended as a gift for Pope Leo III but got caught by his first fit of enchanted sleep.