SAN GALGANO (Siena) The sword in the stone: Excalibur-Incalibur

The hill of Montesiepi is where ended the parabola of King Arthur’s sword, once Excalibur (out of the stone), now Incalibur (into the stone). But it took all of the might of Michael the Archangel to put it back there and overcome Arthur’s sword carrier Galgano (Gawain). Hehad been poisoned by such a high duty; like all, high things the sword possessed a dark side, which made it hard to relinquish or be relinquished. 

How we made a great olive oil label for Bel Poggiolo, Spoleto, Umbria from its story “Legend of Lazarus and Faroaldo and the Anima Mundi”

Background: After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Lango Bards (long beards), a fierce tribe from North Germany, invade Italy and establish a mosaic of trucculent dukedoms, one of which, Spoleto, is eventually ruled by the barbarian duke  Faroaldo, who has recurrent dreams sent from Lazarus, the last surviving "pillar saint" from Syria, who lives in the hills above Spoleto.