The Word of the Founder

The answer came from the permaculture (eco) garden:  complexity is the essence of life; stories - like weeds - are nutrients of a broader, richer and more intricate perspective, which is diminished by too much definition. 

Storytelling possesses so many qualities for improving the way we see things; not only by touching the chimes of perennial truths (archetypes) such as love, loyalty, tyranny, deception, fate, devotion,  but also - as recent scientific experiments demonstrate - by reactivating the right-brain, which is the only part that can see the web of life - the interconnection between all things.  

If only one could create more gardens to travel to, retreats from the clatter of daily existence where the power of stories could be cultivated…

This is how I made the connection - BANAL IN ITS SIMPLICITY - between storytelling and the tourism industry. For, by now, experiential eco-tourism had become the fastest growing sector of the biggest industry in the world!

Thus, story-gardening generated the word Storygardenz, which is a description for special places with a special voice, havens of clear hearing and fair sight, observatories onto an symbolic world and a certain way of seeing things...

By now, thousands of people have come to stay at our home, RVS, the founding Storygardenz. They have come to look, listen, relax in a hammock, amble about, share good food and conversation... in a word profit from the action of inaction, as any good Zen, or Martial Arts, teacher would teach us to do.  

New places and residences are becoming Storygardenz Sites in Italy and elsewhere. These are owned by proprietors, who are not content with merely owning grand or beautiful places, but also want to put them to good use for changing the way we see the world. I imagined a map dotted with hundreds of such special places...

Thus Storygardenz are not so concerned with stars, nor rosettes, because beauty cannot be quantified. Storygardenz places cannot all be defined as luxurious but they all have soul and an extraordinary experience to offer, like a Stradivarius violin whose sumptuousness is incidental to the shape of the sound.

Storygardenz is much more than a tourism or travel project; it is part of a movement to change the way we see our world, the way we explore our world, assisted by a storyteller's view; an artist's view. 

 To see which Storygardenz Sites to visit, please go to "Unique Escapes". 

Carmen Via

This book is part of Storygardenz project to promote culture, arts, communication and conflict resolution in our personal and business lives. We provide a unique context to enhance our European identity and global citizenship without making either more important than the other.