Europe: Staying in Special Places

We began also in Europe, to find exceptional observatories to experience the world of Ulysses, Arthur, Alice, Shakespeare. Storygardenz is founded on the idea that many great stories are inextricably connected to geographic places. In order to benefit from their transformative power and understand what they are saying, it is necessary to reside there. For One Night, or for One Thousand and One Nights.

branTwood- John ruskin UK

"Unto this last"

The Lake District – UK * John Ruskin’s historic home * Accommodation for up to 11 guests * Events & Weddings * Museum and vibrant arts centre * Exploration, walks in a paradise of art and nature

DSCN0037 lx.jpg

Yasnaya Polyana - LEO TOLSTOY

"War and peace"

Tula, Moscow, Russia* Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy historic home "Yasnaya Polyana" * Sleeps up to 60 guests * Events * Academic Ressearch

I Fontanili, IItaly

Carmona SPAIN

"The Legend of Gipsy Flamenco"

Carmona, Seville, Spain * Renaissance Palace in Moorish style * Sleeps up to 33 guests * Events & Weddings * Restaurants *Exploration, walks *  Museum * Productions

Palazzo Manni, Orte, Italy

kaupanger Sognefjord

"The Icelandic Sagas"

Sognefjord, Norway * Overlooking the fjord * Sleeps up to 12 guests *  Exploration * Visits * Nature walks and skiing