Legend of the Tarot

The story tells of the events, which led to such a discovery: in the twilight years of Egyptian civilization, the high priests met on the Nile to discuss how to save their wisdom for posterity, which resulted in god Ibis-Thot removing his laminae (metal cards) - engraved with the Arcana.

 Boat of the Sun

 Boat of the Sun

In 810 AD, he was seen leaving the Nile delta with god Hawk-Ra, on the Boat of the Sun, sailing out of Alexandria in a north-westerly direction.

They say Niki de Saint Phalle found fulgurites on the coast, and also fossilized bird footprints. Many other people have seen replicants of those bird-gods –  Ibis and Hawk – feeding along the canals and roosting in the Burano nature reserve.

From the beach of I Fontanili, you can follow the signs of Thot’s Arcana - ten kilometers north to Burano and also to the Garavicchio Tarot Garden.