Get Ready for Experiential Travel - the fastest growing industry

We are looking beyond ordinary tourism, to the growing Experiential Travel market: the fastest growing sector of the largest industry in the world. Experiential Travel is about exploration, mystery, adventure, imagination, play, active cultural involvement. Inspirational stories, which are connected to places are paths of self-discovery. The Storygardenz Collection was created to fill this niche.

We are committed to offering travelers an innovative experience of legend, myth and history, through their interaction with the places, which have generated them: King Arthur in West Britain and Brittany, Don Quixote in La Mancha, Ulysses around the Mediterranean.... We are committed to storytelling as the essence of good marketing, for securing a commercial advantage. Our experience in this field is second to none.

We believe synergy and solidarity to be extremely important for our society; we have a responsibility for conserving our heritage and our habitat, for future generations. We encourage proprietors, to open their doors in this new way to travellers and explorers, uniting forces and becoming part of our experiential travel network.

Enhance your position in a competitive market




The Storygardenz project embraces three fields of activity





The Storygardenz collection, represented on this website, promotes selected properties and places, with the 4E travel proposition: Enchant, Engage, Entertain, Educate. Are you interested in joining the "Storygardenz Collection” benefitting from our unique expertise and being promoted on our web resources ? Are you fascinated by our project and want to be part of its story ?



The world is not just what it is. You have to be active enough to reach out for it. You have to be inactive enough to let it reach you. We are developing a map, filtered of daily clutter, depicting the geographical locations of our myths, legends, fairy tales and historical watersheds. On such an interactive, navigational map, we will promote special places - properties or enterprises - with a great story to tell, with a special perspective to share.



This is our services platform, through which our group of professionals and artists carry out the initial work of “story gardening” content creation or content curation, signposting, narrative trails, publishing, garden design, interface with artists and artisans, cartography and mythography, digital applications (QR codes, geocaching, augmented reality) and web marketing. We are pioneers of a new type of know-how for a new field of business.

Are you specialized in a business that could contribute to the Storygardenz experience and do you wish to offer your services, as a partner of our "Storygardenz Labz" platform?

Please contact us, we will be happy to share more information with you!