"The Garden of Lemniscati"

A haven of clear hearing and fair sight

  In the magic world of Storygardenz, Roman Villa Silj - also in conjunction with Tuscia University and "Stories in Place" association - is the pilot project. This archaeological park and estate has witnessed many world changing events, which are recounted by Anson, in "The Garden of Lemniscati", a total work of twelve tales, winding through each other, like treasure and mystery trails. This method has shown that sheer fun and a certain type of inactivity are the key of peerless Learning, rooting and growing - for adults and children.  

Combine Rome Sightseeing with Country Living

Our beautiful country house, only 13 km from the historic centre of Rome, can accommodate up to 26 guests. Secluded gardens secular trees, art, archaeological remains and our auditorium church, surrounded by our own farmland, with beautiful Haflinger horses grazing. Our visitors can enjoy delicious Italian food, great wines, pool, picnic-barbecue area, and the Storygardenz experience with walking and guided tours.

On a clear day you can see the snow peaked Appenines, from the pool area, the cupola of Saint Peters and the Alban Hills, ahead. A car is not necessary since the property is accessible by public transport.  We can arrange airport, city and other transfers by mini-bus.    



Four independent, self-catering units of varying sizes, up to 26 guests, with charming country style. Each bedroom with a Storygardenz theme, illustrated by artists. So close to the city, yet you hear only the owl, the nightingale, and the whisper of the trees. 

Events & Weddings

Celebrate your precious moments in an environment of nature, art and Storygardenz inspiration. We are pleased to host your family festivities, business meetings, reunions or symbolic ceremonies.

Garden, Visits, Cuisine 

Come dine with the whole family and experience this 'Garden of Lemniscati' including not only the rich and historical tapestry of an Anglo-Italian family, but also the countless legends, myths and fairy tales of this extraordinary place. Mysteries, treasure trails and puzzles for children to enjoy. 


Via di Santa Cornelia 98, 00188, Rome, Italy


Local Experiences


Magic Etruscan tunnel and underground river (La Selvotta)

Visit the longest Etruscan aqueduct in Lazio; most of all, an enchanted valley with a waterfall running under a wooden bridge and a man made tunnel 3000 years old leading you inside the mountain to sit by the underground stream. It is typical of the rarefied atmosphere of caves and  sources of the Etruscan world. All around, many kilometres of wonderful walks in a beautiful countryside overlooking the eternal city and the Apennines on the other side.

Villa di livia (of emperor augustus)

Explore one of the best examples of ancient Roman Villa, now beautifully restored, which used to be in our own garden! It used to be the country villa of Emperor Augustus and his wife, Livia Drusilla. Important artworks were found here, including the most famous two metre statue of Augustus (Augusto di Prima Porta) and the beautiful nature frescoes.  It is here that unfolded the drama of the imperial succession after Augustus, also through the local oracle.The laurel gardens have been replanted For more information, please click here

triumphal arch of constantine (Malborghetto)

Take a walk around the ancient site where, in 312 AD, Emperor Constantine camped his army the night before the battle that decided Christianity - arguably the most momentous battle of Western history. It is also lit at night and you can see it and Rome the way Constantine saw it on that fateful night. Here he had the vision of the cross that inspired the famous dictum IHSV (In hoc Signo Vinces - In this sign you will conquer). If you want to learn more, please click here 

For more information on Roman Villa Silj, please visit http://www.romanvilla.net/