Exclusive Villa 

Enjoy the privacy of renting the whole complex, comprises the 4 units. Accommodates up to 26 guests.


Enjoy with your friends and family a wonderful holiday staying in the most comfortable apartment of the villa. Accommodates up to 9 guests.

farinA cottage

Make yourself at home and be in the colourful gardens embracing this comfortable two-floor country house. Accommodates up to 7 guests.

eastwest wing

Delight in the biggest building of the property with two terraces for peaceful views. Accommodates up to 13 guests.

Ezedra East suite

Experience a view of the park from the first floor suite, and enjoy the privacy and peaceful atmosphere. Accommodates up to 4 guests.  

Mezzaluna cottage

Relax with your loved ones in this delightful cottage that offers tranquility and privacy surrounded by nature. Accommodates up to 6 guests.